Belt conveyor (RTB)

The belt conveyor from itek is particularly suitable for the transport of vials or containers in pucks. As double belt version (RTB-D) the belt conveyor is also the ideal solution for the transport of trays.


  • Variable output
  • Adjustable lateral guides
  • Flexible in layout
  • Number of belts can be configured variably

Specifications, surfaces and materials:

  • Transport speeds from 2 – 20 m / min.
  • Overall lengths from 500 – 4000 mm (other lengths on request)
  • Power rating: 230 V
  • Stainless steel (Ra 3.2) and plain anodized aluminium
  • Black antistatic PE polymer components
  • All materials are alcohol resistant
  • Special materials for components in contact with containers, e.g. Peek, Oilon, 316L, FDA, 3.1 certification on request
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