Syringe transfer module (SUM)

The itek syringe transfer module can be directly integrated into your machine. This module is used to transfer needles from a hanging (vertical) transport system to a horizontal conveyor belt. The horizontally positioned products can then be picked up, for example, by a robotic tool and placed into packaging. Different belt formats allow for arbitrary divisions to create the desired pattern. This reduces complexity in the gripping tool and the mass to be moved.



  • Toolless size changes
  • Can be integrated into your machine
  • Different pitches can be realized
  • Very good accessibility
  • Compatible with the Pharma Transport System (PTS)
  • Turning capacity of up to 600 syringes per minute
  • Compact design
  • Vacuum suction for careful product transportation
Bild Klemm Transport Band (KTB)

Specifications, surfaces and materials:

  • All common syringe formats possible
  • Stainless steel (Ra 3.2) and plain anodized aluminium
  • All materials are alcohol resistant
  • Special materials for components in contact with containers, e.g. Peek, Oilon, 316L, FDA, 31B certification on request
Auslauf Klemmtransport Band mit Format - Kurvensatz


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